Hello everyone,

as you probably already guessed, the soccer season will be quite different this outdoor. We do have some good news in that we are prepared and ready to start soccer this summer. The not so good news is it will be in a limited way. We will be starting the season on July 20th, and due to our Covid-19 situation, we will only be able to offer a competitive “academy training” style of program at this time. We have been approved to return to training, but not games. This means we won’t be able to have a rec league this summer unfortunately. Because we are allowed to return to training only, we have to limit contact between players and coaches as much as possible. This means following the Yukon government’s safe 6. The specific details are within the first page of registration, please read all the information to see if what we are offering is the right fit for your soccer player.

The ages for the competitive training groups will be for both boys and girls:

u11 (born in 2009/2010)
u13 (born in 2007/2008)
U15 (2005/2006)
U17 (2003/2004)

With our resources of equipment and coaches we will have a player cap of 18 per gender per age group, given that the Yukon Government will go through with their 50 person limit in outdoor events. We do ask that if your soccer player has a ball at home, that they bring it to and from practices to limit the spread of germs.

The link to zone4 registration is here:


You will need to pay with a credit card online, as Sport Yukon is closed to public.

Please read all the information, but if you have any questions feel free to contact Travis at the office through this email, or by phone 667-2445.

We look forward to the season!

more updates to come in the following weeks.

Take care everyone

Whitehorse United FC