Hello Everyone!

Here is the first tidbit of information regarding the outdoor season. More to come this week!

Please take a look at the attached photo. This is our planned schedule for out 2021 spring outdoor season. Locations are to be announced. We are hoping to have everything on the turf field at FH Collins, but we won’t have confirmed bookings until Mid April. We will be separating groups to boys & girls for u9  & above to allow for higher registration numbers.

The age brackets are on the left hand side of the photo. The outdoor season we are planning will run for 4-6 weeks depending on snow melt. We are hoping to get on the field May 3rd, so fingers crossed we get some warm weather soon!

We will be running a similar program to this again in the fall for an additional 4-6 weeks.

Fees haven’t been solidified, we are still crunching some numbers. We will have a base registration fee which will get you a specific amount of sessions per week. Then there will be additional fees for additional soccer after the base program sessions. (Depending on the age group) Here is the breakdown:

u5 1x per week
u6-u7-8 1x per week
u9 2-3x per week
u10-u11 2-4x per week
u12-u13 2-3x per week
u14-u15 2x per week
u16-u17 2x per week

Tomorrow I will put out some additional information, rather than all at once, so please hold your questions until later in the week! They will hopefully be answered when the extra info comes out. 

I will be posting to our facebook page, and through email this week.