Hello everyone!

Thank you for your patience on the information for the upcoming outdoor season. I was holding off to see if we would have a more solid schedule of field bookings, but I don’t have anything updated yet. Registration is set to open at 7:00 a.m. on Monday the 21st. Because we are outdoors I don’t have a cap on any age group, so hopefully that gives you all a a chance to breath if you aren’t prepared for a 7:00a.m. registration! 

So I’ve put down the days of the week for age groups, but they are subject to change. Locations will be posted when I get the final booking schedule. I will do my best to keep the days of the week the same as below. Here is the link for Monday https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/309754

The House season is planned to start in early May, but as you know it will be based off snow melt! Aiming for May 9th. It will run until June 24th.


u4 Saturdays (early morning time slot)

u5 Saturdays (late morning time slot)

u6 Mondays

u7 Wednesdays

u8/9 Tuesday&Thursday

u10/11 BOYS Monday&Wednesday

u10/11 GIRLS Tuesday&Thursday

u12/13 BOYS Monday&Wednesday

u12/13 GIRLS Tuesday&Thursday



u11/12 BOYS Friday

u11/12 GIRLS Wednesday

u13/14 BOYS Tuesday&Thursday

u13/14 GIRLS Tuesday&Thursday

u15/16 Boys Tuesday&Friday plus games 1-2 per week.

u15/16 Girls Tuesday&Friday plus games 1-2 per week.


9-12 years old COED Sundays