Whitehorse United FC’s Northern Lights Academy

Whitehorse United FC presents the Northern Lights Academy. This is an inclusive program run by the club for young players u9-u12 (2012-2009 born) who wish to receive further training and development opportunities. This is a supplemental program to the training and games already offered through WUFC. 

Within the Northern Lights Academy we will share a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for the u9-u12 cohort. The Academy will help players become stronger soccer technicians and decision makers. This development occurs from extra hours of deliberate training around vision & awareness and soccer related interactions. Our objective is to share learnings with young players which will prepare them for further participation and competition as they mature within the game.

 2021 Fall Phase 


  • The Northern Lights Academy Fall Phase will be held on Tuesday and Thursdays, 4:30-5:30 p.m. on the Canada Games Centre turf starting on October 19th and finishing on December 16th for a total of 20 training sessions.


  • The Northern Lights Academy is an additional $60.00 on top of the $40.00 House Registration Fee


It is our objective to help every young player who comes through Northern Lights Academy to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the sport
  • Expand their technical competencies with posture and balance at the centre
  • Train in a safe and encouraging environment
  • To challenge their own movement potential through a focus on Physical Literacy, movement preparation & stabilization
  • Build Game Insight that will help players in all situations within the game
  • Develop Decision Execution (technique/skill development within game play)
  • Assist in the development of youth mentors as leaders and instructors


When Does Academy Run Throughout The Year? How Long Are The Practices?

  • This supplemental training occurs in several phases throughout the year
  • October – December Winter Phase 1 (There will be two one-hour training sessions per week)
  • January – March Winter Phase 2 (There will be two one-hour training sessions per week)
  • May – July Spring Phase (There will be one one-hour training sessions per week)
  • August – September Summer Phase (There will be two one-hour training sessions per week)

Q&A : Costs, Travel & Coaching

What Is The Cost? Where Will This Occur?

  • The costs vary depending on the phase of the Academy. The most expensive phases are those run indoors as there is greater expense to renting the Canada Games Centre.

Travel & Competitions

  • There will not be travel opportunities for the Academy. Only club Travel Teams will be able to travel to competitions..

User Pay

  • Because this is supplemental training for those individuals who want this further development opportunity, the Northern Lights Academy is a user-pay program.

Coach Education / Leadership / Teachers / Family

  • Leadership by Derric Lewis, Samantha Samuelson, Tyler Milton (Club Head Coach) and Mark Wickham.
  • Program design from Neil Sedgwick (WUFC Technical Director)
  • Youth Mentors – These are young accomplished players who want to share their love of the game, knowledge and experience with the next generation of Whitehorse United FC players.
    • Lucy Baxter
    • Jaime Chown Chaikel
    • Malorie Hanson
    • Kaelan Lewis
    • Marin Lewis
    • Felix Masson
    • Jordan Minifrie
    • Daniel Phillips-Freedman
    • Abby Rich