Many of you have been asking, but we are looking at our final week of soccer this week, with a Yukon Champs tournament over the weekend to finish things off. I just received the schedules, and I have attached them in emails.
Unfortunately, after spring break, there isn’t enough space available to extend the indoor season, or make up for what we lost. The planned season was 8 weeks long, registration for house league was $40.00. This means it was $5.00 per session. We lost out on 3 weeks. If you are in need of a refund of the sessions lost ($15) please reach out, and give me some time, I can process the refund. Otherwise we will work on a credit for the outdoor season. something like an “indoor 2022 credit” will be on the registration form.
Speaking of registration for spring/summer, we will have the form open near the end of the month. To keep some consistency with previous seasons, March 21st will be the date registration opens. Same as last year. I will send out more details in the coming weeks like what time it opens, what the days of the weeks are ect.
Now looping back to the tournament this weekend. Please check your emails for the schedules, and for coaches, the technical package (rules).
Coaches if you cannot make the weekend please let me know and I will try and find a replacement!
Hope to see you this week!