Hi Folks,

Monday October the 25th is the first official day of soccer! Some of you may be wondering what to expect. So here’s some of that information. 

*subject to change, this information is true as of October 21st 2:00pm*

All schedules have been posted onto teamsnap. When you sign in to the app on your phone, or the desktop browser, you should be able to see each team you are registered on, and their respective schedules. Through this, you can check availability for each session, as well as go through a short health check prior to each game. When you arrive at your location it is recommended that masks are worn up until the field of play.

The Canada Games Center has allowed us to utilize the upstairs foyer over looking both fields. When you arrive please go upstairs, and not straight to the fields. This will be where you find your TEAM, where you will find uniforms, where you can find me, and other information through the season . Once players have found their teams, they will head down to the soccer fields. This is the same as last year, there are no exceptions to this rule!

This is to avoid congestion downstairs from families, and other sporting groups. After the games players are to meet thier parents back upstairs on the second floor. If you need an alternate exit rather than the crowded front, there is an exit on the left side of the secnd floor, across from viewing area of the hockey rink.

If your soccer takes place at a school, we also recommend masks everywhere except the field of play, but you are welcome to wear on the field of play if you choose. Uniforms will be there the first couple of sessions. If you don’t get one the first day due to limited sizing, we will get you one eventually.


All soccer should be played with :

-Indoor Shoes

-shin pads

-socks(or pants) covering shin pads


 They do make specific “indoor Soccer shoes” which you should be able to find in town at sports experts, changing gear, or canadian tire would be some good places to look. Players should NOT play in outdoor cleats. **especially on a hardwood floor surface** cleats will not have good grip, and it will be a danger to your player, and others. 

Lastly for you parents out there who are helping coach, or considered helping coach we will be putting on a coaching course again with Neil in Early November, tentative dates are November 7-9th. More details to come.

See you all next week!