The Role Of A Whitehorse United FC Team Manager

If you are interested in becoming a team manager pass your name along to your child’s coach. Generally, it is the coaching staff who appoints the manager as they will be working closely together. The coach can then pass your name along to the Whitehorse United FC Board for approval. As a note, many team managers stay with a team season after season as it provides continuity for all involved, therefore depending on the team this position may already be filled.

What does a team manager do?


  • Ensure all players are registered with the team properly
  • Send out registration emails/links and following up with players who have not registered


  • As requested by the coach, act as the liaison between coaches and parents regarding team concerns, ie. athlete playing time, schedules, uniforms, travel, etc.
  • As requested by the coach, act as the primary contact for your team/age group
  • Establish and manage TeamSnap account and/or email standards for all team activities
  • Send out communications to the team regarding start of season dates; times and locations; end of season dates; team fundraising efforts; team travel; club policies; etc.
  • Respond to emails from parents (forwarding concerns to coach, Technical Director and/or board as required)
  • Send out communications from coaches as required
  • Maintain positive and professional communication between coaches, parents, players and club
  • Respond to communications in a timely manner
  • Keep communications concise, fair, accurate and professional at all times


  • Coordinate fundraising efforts, collect fundraising monies, create fundraising summaries, drop monies to the club for depositing
  • Forward summaries to the treasurer for accurate record keeping and account balance updating
  • Relaying account information to parents and players regularly


  • Tournament registration, including uploading rosters
  • Travel arrangements, including booking hotels and car rentals, itineraries, meals, etc.
  • Request travel deposits (account top-ups)
  • Create player cards and acquire signatures from YSA as required
  • Acquire medical and travel consent forms
  • Manage travel documents and insurance needs
  • Travel with the team when possible and manage team expenses by paying for team expenses, keeping all receipts and submitting trip expense breakdown for reimbursement upon return


  • Assist with uniform needs by ensuring players are purchasing correct pieces in accordance with WUFC standards
  • Act as liaison between parent/player and uniform supplier, as required


  • Attend coaches and managers meetings as required
  • Assist with venue/time changes for practices and booking additional practices/games as needed
  • Work with other team managers in regards to joint travel, fundraising, practices, games, training, team building endeavors, etc.
  • Work with club Treasurer regularly in regards to fundraising deposits, account balances, travel reconciliation, etc.
  • Provide input on club policies as per board’s request


  • Complete Respect in Sport training as soon as assuming the role of team manager
  • Occasionally the role of manager can be stressful and you may have negative interactions – it is important to remain professional at all times as you are representing the club as a whole
  • Must review/draft communication responses with the coach and/or Technical Director that are more serious in nature, as well as CC one or both so that communications have been reviewed prior to sending and all team parties (coach, manager, and Technical Director as required) are communicating in a concise, unified manner
  • Occasionally, matters will need to be passed on to WUFC Board for review prior to any further communication going out