Northern Lights Academy Homework

The WUFC Technical Team have created this page because we believe in your potential and your possibilities.

We present various aspects of the game within each of our practices. We know that you may not remember every detail by the time you get home, or a day or two later when you want to go out and practice on your own. You don’t have one of our coaches with you to remind you of a technique that you learned at the last session, and you don’t have them giving you the detailed information needed to learn the techniques.

So we wanted to create a page for you and make sure that you have access to it anytime you want to go practice. Of course you need the computer, phone or tablet to read this and to watch the video but we hope that you use the video to help in your development.

We believe in your potential so we want to go the extra-mile just for you. You can become a top level player. Now watch a video or two and practice, practice, practice.


Controlling and Dribbling

Within this section you will find instruction and video reviewing the lessons that we shared during practice. Practice this at home by yourself or your family. A great way to learn is teach so show your family what you have been learning.

Controlling The Ball From & In The Air

Before we can dribble we need to get the ball on the ground. Controlling the ball in the air and from the air to the ground is important for successful play. Below you will find a few activities that will help you do both of these.


Start slowly as you progress through these dribbling techniques. Once you can do the movement try using it on your firends, brothers or sisters, parents or even your family dog.