Online Registration to be announced by april 15th


Early Bird Registration March 23th-28th at Sport Yukon
3:30-6:30pm Mon-Fri
12-4pm Saturday

Outdoor Season Dates: Tentative dates May 4th-June 12th

Timbits (2017)
Wednesdays 5:15-6:00

Timbits (2016)
Wednesdays 6:15-7:00

Rec League

U6(2014/2015) Byte Size Program: Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-7pm
U7(2013) Byte Size Program: Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-7pm
U8 (2012) Byte Size Program: Mondays/Wednesdays 6-7pm
U10 Male(2010/2011): Tuesday/Thursday 6-7pm
U10 Female:(2010/2011): Tuesday/Thursday 6-7pm
U12 Male: (2008/2009): Monday/Wednesday 7-8pm
U12 Female: (2008/2009): Monday/Wednesday 7-8pm
U14 Male(2006/2007): Tuesday/Thursday 7-8pm
U14 Female(2006/2007): Tuesday/Thursday 7-8pm
U16 Male (2004/2005): Monday/Wednesday 7-8pm
U16 Female (2004/2005): Monday/Wednesday 7-8pm
**U18 COED (2002/2003): Wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm

** if numbers permit
—Locations to be announced—Pre-Competitive & Competitive dates information is being worked on, and will be ready in time for registration¬†