• What does this mean?

Canadian Women & Sport’s Spotlight Grant aims to shine a light on girls, women and gender-diverse individuals who typically don’t get the access, support, or funding they need to fully participate in sport and physical activity. This grant is for community sport and physical activity organizations who are working to remove barriers and expand opportunities for girls, women, and gender-diverse participants from the following communities:  

  • 2SLGBTQIA+  
  • Black  
  • Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Other 
  • Racialized
  • Low-income  
  • Persons with a disability  
  • Newcomers (in Canada 5 years or less)  


What this means for Whitehorse United FC:


We recognize that change takes time but we are eager to embark on some very targeted activities under this program to lay a foundation for meaningful change in social connection, inclusion, representation and access to quality programming. This program is just the beginning of our work in making soccer in Whitehorse a more inclusive community and sport.


  • Contract for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Coaching Director to provide: quality, inclusive coaching, Women in Coaching workshops, inclusion/diversity materials and education 
  • Subsidized competition and skill development opportunities for intermediate, female identifying players 
  • Outreach day for Francophone girls interested in soccer
  • Recruitment and retention campaign for female youth soccer players

Upcoming Projects:

  • Aboriginal after school soccer program in partnership with Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle
  • Registration, travel and equipment subsidies for underrepresented players in need
  • Signaling our support Campaign: Rainbow laces/armbands, player gay-straight alliance meetings with pizza, website links to education materials on equity, inclusion and diversity in sport

Other areas of support from Whitehorse United FC

  • registration opening in the evening to make registration more accessible (you don’t need access to a computer in the middle of the work day)
  • academy being mixed gender with participant limits to ensure an equal gender divide.
  • all programming is open to all abilities
  • coach requirements for safe sport