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Another update for soccer in our community. Right off the bat, we are postponing registration for now. We don’t have any dates as for when we’ll be able to open registration and get back out there and playing soccer again, but we are remaining optimistic! We will be ready to roll out a season as soon as we get a green light.

Canada Soccer Association hasn’t made any updates since they cancelled all sanctioned soccer events, so we really are awaiting word from them, and from them the government’s word. We be updating as often as we can, as soon as we know anything. We are looking at doing weekly or bi-weekly updates for you all. These updates will either come directly through this email, or the zone4 system. Updates will also be posted to our website, on the home page, under the club news section (whitehorseunited.ca)

A reminder that we do have an instagram page, where we have been posting some soccer drills.
There is currently some gear up for grabs if you post a soccer from home video, and tag the club’s page @whitehorseunitedfc. Winner will be chosen this Friday April 10th.

Our head coach Sean is also doing workouts Mon-Wed-Fri at 4pm & Sunday at 9 am for those keen for an awesome soccer workout. The live workouts can be found on his instagram @sjasoccercoach.

If you can’t make the live sessions we also have a google drive folder going where we are uploading the workouts, and various clips to try from home.

the link is here


Lastly, you may have heard we have teamed up with a group called Epic. Now this group has put together a calendar with daily soccer exercises that is available to all. The calendar is in the google drive link from above and they will have another one done up for May. You can click the links right from the calendar, or you can find all drills on their website here:

We highly recommend using this tool. They have some great exercises, some with skill progressions.

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