Whitehorse United FC would like to acknowledge the many coaches who have made this indoor season so memorable for the players in their teams.

Each of you makes a huge difference in the young people’s lives. You are role models, teachers and trusted adults for these kids, and we appreciate all the hard work you have put in.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that you give up your time and dedicate yourself to educating the players through physical literacy and fun. The club really wouldn’t work without you. The hours you put in free of charge shows the character of the people at the centre of our club. We know it has been tough to work around Covid restrictions and cancellations, but you have done this with a professional manner.

I’m sure that the families of the players would join us, in again thanking you and we hope as a club you continue to support us by signing up to coach for the summer season.

Travis & the Whitehorse United FC Board

Here is list the list of Superstars who have coached this year:

U4/5 Derric Lewis, Travis Banks

U6/7 Amy Vermuleun, Lindsay Charron, Ryan Sylvester, Franklin Fru, Kruno Kunovic, Keri Rutherford

U8/9 Matt Ball, Iain Breckenridge, Sarah Pumphrey, Franklin Fru, Steven Bartsch 

U10/11 Thane Philips, Matt Ordish, Jim Holland, Mckenzie Grant, Chris Evans, Patrick Jackson, Connie Blakeston, Steve Biggin-Pound 

U12/13 Vaughan Johnstone, Tim Taylor, Ed Gillis, Sarah Pumphrey, Loralee Martin, Johanna Smith, Duane Hanscom

Travel Coaches Ben Mercier, Drew Whittaker, Edgar Musonda, Jan Aalt van den Hoorn, Mark Wickham, Paul Inglis, Samantha Samuelson, Steve Israel, Travis Banks, Gord Barker, Jim Brown, Amy Vermeulen (futures), Elise Bingeman (futures), Megan Lanigan (futures)

Youth Mentors Callah MacGillivray, Linnea Roberts, Marin Lewis, Tristan Martin