This is an overview of the operational plan for the 2021 Toonie Tournament Fundraiser.

The event will be held at the Canada Games Center on November 26th, 27th, & 28th

Arriving at CGC

● Players should arrive dressed to play under winter gear

● Teams meet on the second floor overlooking the fields.

● Donations to food bank will be taken on second floor

● Teams will be grouped together following the Safe 6 Guidelines

● When field times begin teams will go down the fire exit staircase to their field

● Players may leave any winter gear upstairs on the second floor

● Player drop off is highly recommended but spectators will be allowed if

following safe 6 plus 1.

Game Play & Post Game

● Time slots will be 45 minutes long

● Teams will start with a 5 minute warmup, followed by a 30 minute game.

● extra 10 minutes is only there if we need the buffer between games

● Once the session is finished, coaches will collect the gear, and leave inside the field

● Teams will head back upstairs to collect their winter gear, & meet parents

● Families will be directed to use the 2nd floor exit across from the hockey rink and immediately exit the CGC

Other Items of Note

● All players must bring a cash donation minimum $2 for the Whitehorse Food Bank

● Up to 15 minutes of downtime will be given before the next age group starts

● Players/Parents are expected to wear masks at all times except for on the field of play

● Coaches masks are highly recommended, but not mandatory

● WUFC staff or board members will be on the second floor

● Donation money will be placed in a box by player/parent who brings it